Just married !

A day to reflect
yours dreams...

Atmosphere !

Beautiful decorations
to your taste

The moments that make our hearts beat

We take care of all your celebratory needs; weddings, birthdays and the birth of a child…
In a nutshell, all the special moments that give meaning to existence,
and make our hearts beat... we put them on stage for you

We listen to all your wishes, giving you the opportunity to explore
your deepest and wildest needs. You make all the decisions here.

Attention to detail is important in creating a flawless setting;
scents, textures, colours and sounds. Perfection has no limits!

What ever your preference; bohemian, chic, vintage or rustic styles.
We can help you create the ambience your heart desires.

We collaborate with only the best suppliers in the South of France,
providing exceptional services. Assist you in finding the venue of your dreams;
provide you with the most beautiful flower arrangements… nothing can stop us

We will plan your day to reflect your fairy tale story…
because there’s no trifling with love!