Fifteen Minutes of Fame,

Event agency

Fifteen Minutes of Fame... The name of the agency was inspired by a quote from Andy Warhol who through his work revealed that banality could be diminished and each of us could claim spontaneously to live unique, beautiful and unforgettable moments…. "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes".

Whether it's the day of your wedding or the birth of your child, we want to help you capture the moment and make it last forever.

Because each of us are entitled to moments of glory, made up of blossoming flowers and rivers of jewels… Fifteen Minutes of Fame will help capture the magic of your fleeting and jubilant moments to make them last forever

About Jessica, the creator

Jessica, a passionate events organise and lover of all things beautiful, created Fifteen Minutes of Fame in 2016. Receptive to life and the beauty of emotions, she decided to pursue a career in events. A graduate of business school, she knew very early in her career that she wanted to combine her business competencies with her passion for art. After advancing to Applied Arts, Jessica mastered the skill of floral arrangements and events decorations, participating in recognised courses for Wedding Planning.

The fruits of her labour, her company FMOF. Her tasteful and original ideas are valuable assets that will guide you in staging the happiest day of your life.

Her goal is simple, design and organise tailor-made events that will mirror your personality!